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  1. 7 Feb. 2023; officially added the website and a dev branch

  2. Future plan: add a timer component to the todo list items how do I plan to do this? - modify the timer function so i can have many timers - tie the timers to their respective elements - gaming

  3. 7 Feb 4 PM; did some minor stylizing and it did wonders

Current Objective: Add timer to every todo element

  1. add a button to add a timer for each element
  2. add a placeholder p tag for each timer
  3. modify the timer function to indicate which p tag should be affected
  4. make sure that the alarm only goes for the primary one; do a different time up for the other one
  5. BUT make sure the other ones will still stop at 0 but dont do the flasher thing
  6. maybe add a shorter mp3 for the boring alarm

Current Objective: Add a food and gym journal

  1. modify the todo list to add categories; 1.date 2.which-meal 3.food 4.gym y/n and time
  2. date: use dateTimeLocal like timer but only save day
  3. dropdown for choosing which meal
  4. possible reasoning for meal or whatever
  5. actual meal items, seperate todo list; i.e. button for new meal then each new meal has a smaller adding list you can use to put items